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 Vallecito Lake 

March - November 

Vallecito lake is known for its big trout eating pike. If you have never pursued pike with a fly rod you should definitely try it. Pitching a big streamer to the shore and feeling or watching the grab of one of these big predator fish is an experience all anglers should add to their bucket list. 


Trout fishing on Vallecito lake can be very productive. Trout in stillwaters tend to gain size faster than Trout found in rivers. Still water Trout fishing can be a very fun experience producing some large, beautiful Trout and a great way to get away from the crowds. 




Vallecito is also home to great Smallmouth Bass fishing. They can be targeted effectively with crayfish flies stripped deep near the bottom or suspended bait fish patterns.

Vallecito Lake Guided Trip Rates 

Full day $500 1-2 anglers (Everything included except fishing license, Food and drunks and Guide gratuity).

Half day $400 1-2 anglers.

Group trips available.


Deposit of 50% taken upon booking. If the trip is cancelled due to weather or before 30 days then the deposit will be returned. If the trip is cancelled within 30 days of trip the deposit will be held. 


We accept cash, checks as well as all major credit cards. 3.5% processing fee will be added to all credit card purchases.

What to bring:

Fishing license. You can purchase a license online Here.


Food, drinks and water for the day. (plenty of cooler space on the boat)


Good polarized sunglasses are a must for spotting fish. Amber lens is ideal for most conditions


Hat with brim to help block sunlight


Warm layers such as long underwear and jackets


Waterproof layers (both jacket and pants) are important in case of rain and chop while commuting from spot to spot.


Face tubes and thin gloves are recommended for sun and bugs

Rods and reels provided but if you want to bring your own:

Rods: 8-10 wt rods with an intermediate sinking line are suitable for pike. 5-7 wt rods with a floating line are suitable for bass. 6 wt rod with a sinking and floating

Lines are most suited for trout in still water.


If you are a spin gear person, a 3000 series reel on a 7′ 6″ medium to medium-heavy rod with a fast action tip and 10 lb braid can handle everything.


Contact captain Derek Ems through email or phone for availability and to book your trip.


Phone: 303-638-3378



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